Monday, March 18, 2019

What Color is your Collar?

That sounds rather cryptic doesn’t it?  The subject is fraud and most Americans think of it as a “white collar crime” done at the corporate level by people wearing business suits.  According to Wikipedia fraud is defined as the deliberate deception to secure unlawful gain.  It can also be the act of depriving a victim of their legal rights.

Fraud comes in so many forms such as –

1.  Welfare fraud…a growing entity in an aging population
2.  Worker’s compensation fraud…be careful when you mess with “Big Brother”
3.  Swindle…depriving someone of money or possessions
4.  Computer fraud…so many innocent people have been involved

San Jose California criminal attorney William Chestnut has handled fraud cases of virtually every type in the four plus decades he has defended the accused in The Big Bear State.  Fraud is a very complicated issue…do not take it likely!  If you or a loved one has been accused of fraud in California call on the experience of Bill Chestnut at (408) 298-6990.

Monday, March 4, 2019

When Good Kids Go Wrong.

So many families in the San Jose area are torn asunder when a juvenile is arrested for a crime.  The whole group is adversely affected when someone from the family who is under 18 is held in custody.  Perhaps I can make it a bit more comforting by giving you a brief synopsis of how juvenile courts differ from adult courts in California.

Some of the differences are –

1.  A minor in a juvenile case is not entitled to a jury trial.
2.  There are FOUR hearings in the process.
3.  Minors must be brought to court within 48 hours of their arrest.
4.  On occasion, teens who are accused of serious crimes MAY be tried in adult court.
5.  Juvenile probation differs considerably from adult probation.

DO NOT let fear of the unknown grip you or your family.  If a loved one has been accused of a juvenile crime in the State of California call me.  I am San Jose criminal defense attorney William Chestnut.  I have been defending underage kids for decades and I know all of the nuances of juvenile court.  Just give me a call at (408) 298-6990. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Sticks and Stones.

The old adage says that sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me.  However, as it pertains to a criminal trial, what the jury perceives may make all the difference in the verdict that they render.  All human beings have preferences for one thing or prejudices against another.

Both conscious and unconscious biases influence juries in criminal trials.  We know that a trial should be decided on the facts, how people see one another and how they interpret the facts can differ dramatically based on their individual biases.  Jurors who have seen the exact same evidence often disagree about the appropriate verdict.

Knowing that is one of areas of expertise that San Jose Criminal Defense Attorney William Chestnut brings to the table.  Having practiced in the Big Bear State for more than four decades he knows a great deal about the perceived biases of California jurors.  Call Bill today for vigorous criminal defense at (408) 298-6990.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Reasons to Hire a Smaller Law Firm.

Are you tired of tuning in to Judge Judy or the local news and seeing attorney ads?  I think everybody (except maybe “the stars”) are tired of them.  Would you hire a huge law firm that may pass you off to an associate that has months of experience in the legal profession?  Many people around San Jose have done that much to their chagrin.

I am William Chestnut and here is what I pledge to you –

1.  I listen carefully
2.  Always keep what you say confidential
3.  I will take your calls and return your emails
4.  A thorough investigation of your case will be done by ME

Just one more thing, I will fight like a bulldog to defend your side and win your case.  I take each and every client very personally.  That is what you get with William Chestnut.  I am a criminal defense attorney serving the area around Santa Clara County and I was born in San Jose California.  Let’s meet for a free consultation.  Give me a call anytime at (408) 298-6990.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Cabin Fever Turned Ugly.

This time of year, many of us spend more and more time indoors even in the San Jose area.  When that happens familiarity can breed contempt.  Things can quickly escalate, and a verbal row turns into some perceived criminal act.  It is the ultimate he said/she said, and you had better have a sympathetic ear if you are arrested for domestic violence.

These days, California police have a low tolerance for such matters.  Excessive force, assault, battery, even kidnapping can result from such uproars.  There are often three sides to the story.  Your side, the other side, and the truth!  Until it happens to you it seems like a non-reality that could never occur in your household.

If you have been charged with domestic violence or assault, in the San Jose area you need a defense attorney who will listen to YOUR side of the story and make sure your rights are protected.  San Jose criminal defense lawyer William Chestnut has been protecting the rights of the accused for well over 40 years.  Call Bill 24/7 for a vigorous defense at (408) 298-6990.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

New California Criminal Laws in 2019.

As Jerry Brown wraps up his 2nd tenure he is putting his signature on some new state laws.  Some will have an impact on those who get arrested, on our youth, and those charged with marijuana offenses BEFORE marijuana was legalized.  Perhaps the most widely reviewed is the law that eliminates cash bail in California slated to take effect in October 2019.

California will become the first state to completely abolish cash bail, replacing the existing money bail system for one that evaluates a suspect for the likelihood of not appearing in court or be a risk to public safety. The goal is to create greater equality in who is held in jail awaiting trial, because it would not favor those who can afford to post bail. The appellate court has ruled that the state’s cash bail system is unconstitutional.

This is a watershed change in how suspects are treated in The Big Bear State.  It is just one of several new laws that will take effect in 2019.  A big new change has an impact on accomplices in murder cases.  Don’t try to learn all of them.  Attorney Bill Chestnut already knows them.  If you are accused of a crime in San Jose or the surrounding area, call Bill at (408) 298-6990.